The Hill’s Food, Shelter & Love™ program is a living, breathing example of how we live out our mission statement on a daily basis and is based on four pillars:

  • Volunteer
    Encouraging loving individuals to support their local shelters by caring for and spending time with local shelter pets.
  • Donate
    Whether it’s cash or pet toys, local shelters can always use donations. We can help get donors connected directly to your organization.
  • Choose
    Helping pet parents everywhere learn more about our shelter program and find out how choosing Science Diet® for their own pets can help thousands of shelter pets around the country.
  • Adopt
    The ultimate goal of the program is to bring some love home.
    We’ve provided over $240 million worth of food to nearly 1,000 shelters, 365 days a year helping over 6 million pets find a new home…and counting.

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